If you are familiar with SEO, you probably have heard about content marketing as well. Have you ever experienced struggling situation-when you have your online website ready, but nobody visits your website. Or when you invested your time and money in SEO, it only worked for a while but it didn’t really work one week later, your website rankings fell behind a sea of competitors again. If you have experienced or currently facing a hard time for your online business, then this blog is for you, so please keep reading. For today’s blog topic is going to talk about what is content marketing, and how could it work together with SEO in order to improve your business online.

So what is content marketing? Content marketing means creating attractive free content to attract more and more target audience online.

Does it sound like familiar to you? Sounds like content marketing can do part of SEO’s job. Actually, content marketing is the best friend of SEO. In previous blog post, we have discussed why SEO is important for your business growth, we made the points that SEO is good for business visibility and credibility as well as improve the traffic of your online website. There are two main reasons supporting content marketing is actually a good helper for SEO, because:

  • Content Marketing helps SEO by using keywords
  • There is no doubt that using keywords play a vital role in SEO. You need content like blog posts, articles, social media posts that bring out your selected keywords throughout your content frequently. The more frequent you use your keyword, the more likely your website ranks higher in relevant search result.

  • Content Marketing helps SEO by introducing link backs
  • Our GVOVO SEO experts believed that the real way to continual SEO success is to build links is by publishing creative content, and letting the masses link back to it. Beyond make your content creative and readable for your target audience, content marketing consists of building links and using the keywords that you are targeting.

More importantly, great content marketing is not only about attracting more and more potential buyers it is also could eventually convert them into customers. When you keep producing great online content, you will find the readers will subscribe to your content or even share it with other people online. Repeat this many times over and you will have a loyal audience for your digital business, and some of your loyal audience would actually become your customer. However, the process might take long, so you need the right formula to stand out, stay on top, and keep growing your base.

At GVOVO, we believe SEO without content marketing is a lie. We would love to provide original content and make strategic content plan for you if you want to try out our SEO service. Come and book a FREE 60-minute consultation with GVOVO experts today, we are looking forward to seeing you stand out in online business world soon.

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