A nice web App can really boost your real estate business.

Nowadays, home sales in the greater Toronto area keeps hitting high records in last few months, even as prices continued to soar, there is no indication that the real estate market in GTA will cool down. According to Toronto Real Estate Board newly announced data, there were 9,768 properties sold in October, which is 11.5% higher compared to last year in the same month. Moreover, the average property selling price also increased 21.1% from a year ago, so right now the average selling price for all types of homes rose to $762,975 in GTA area.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, as well as the fourth largest in North America. In addition, Toronto is also a global centre for business, finance, arts and culture and is consistently ranked one of most livable cities in the world. As the real estate market in GTA area is keep heating, more and more buyers choose Toronto to invest their money in property.

Recently, GVOVO has successfully launched a project-ToAssign. ToAssign is the leading online marketplace for new house and condo assignment listing. Through ToAssign, listing owners can easily post listing details online. For potential buyers, ToAssign allows them to browse the listings online and choose the one they would like to know more about. Furthermore, transferring pre-construction assignments can benefit both assignor and assignee. For original buyers, they don’t have to pay the occupancy fee, builder closing costs and land transfer taxes, beyond that, they can get the builder deposits money back as well as making a reasonable profit on the market appreciation of the unit. For the new buyers, they can enjoy faster occupancy to a brand new unit in much shorter period of time, which might save them 3-7 years than buying a brand new unit from the builder. Other than that, assignee can save money by paying less deposit than when buying a property.

Assigning pre-construction properties seems like a win-win solution for both original buyers and new buyers, however, it is not easy to start. First of all, assignor needs to find potential new buyers for the listing; and for assignee it is also hard for them to find a group of listing information. Since the founder of ToAssign deeply understood the hard situation for both assignor and assignee, that’s why GVOVO brought ToAssign into online’s world, which fills the gap for transferring or reassigning pre-construction properties in online real estate market. With a deep understanding of real estate market in GTA, ToAssign is not only just specialized in providing assignment listings information it is also focus on building comparable database, this allows subscribers are able to see previous assignment transaction information for their reference.

With the IT solutions GVOVO provided, ToAssign leading the way in real estate innovation.

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