At GVOVO, we understand the importance of logo design – A logo is intended to be the face of a company.

Your company’s unique identity is visually expressed through the colours and fonts and images of its logo, and it also provides essential information about a company that allows customers to identify the company's core brand makes your business memorable. Logos are also a way of representing its company in advertising and marketing materials.

A good logo design should be unique and be able to attract potential customers. Although there are many choices for colours, visual elements and typography, in general a logo should help convey some information about the company, or be designed in a way that gives some sense of meaning about the company or its industry. Let’s take a look of our recent logo design—Unicofar as a case study to show you guys how our GVOVO experts understood the client’s needs and produced a brilliant logo that beyond client’s expectation.

Unicofar is a Canadian company, dedicated in importing and distributing high-quality pure natural honey products and serving retailers from coast to coast. Unicofar’s business owner came to us for helping their company to design a logo. First of all, our GVOVO project experts had a consulting session with Unicofar’s business owner. After the 1-hour consulting session, GVOVO expert understood that the client would love to have a logo not only can represent their company’s background and value, more importantly, they hope their customers could relate Unicofar’s honey business at their first glance of logo. By doing this, our designer use the elements such as tentacles, stinger and hexagon which made the whole logo looks like a bee, so that the customers would naturally relate this logo to Unicofar’s honey product.

Furthermore, since the client also would like to have a simple and clear logo design solution, so we only choose two colours– red and white in their logo design. The reason why our designer would choose red as the main colour in the logo design is because this color is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs. The combinations of red and white colour could also remind customers’ warm feeling from the bottom of their heart after they had a hot honey lemon tea in the cold winter time.

In addition, red and white are also the official colours of Canada. The other important reason for our designer to choose red and white colours is because it could be a reinforced emphasize that Unicofar’s honey is 100% made in Canada, and they are always dedicating to bring the best Canadian made honey to the East.

After reviewing Unicofar’s logo design case study, are you also thinking about having a unique and creative logo for your own business? At GVOVO, our creative designer experts would love to absorb the inspiration from your background story, target audience, values, goals, and combined them into your logo design. Come and book a FREE 60-minute consultation with GVOVO experts today and make your logo looks better!!!

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