In the past, lawyers do not usually get excited about having a law firm websites, because they are seen as website as an unnecessary tool have to maintain. However, nowadays, having a good website can help you appeal to potential clients referred to you. It can also help you attract new clients who never heard of you before. In addition, a good online website can also be an asset to help you run a productive law practice.

The biggest reason for law firms to have a website today is because potential clients will always look you up online. People are doing this because they need to validate that you are a skilled lawyer that they could trust. This is simple to understand, people are now would like to “Google it” first before they made decision. Just imagine, some potential referral clients trying to search your firm online, when they could not find anything online about you as their recommended lawyers, it is very likely for them to lost confidence of you and went to other lawyers instead. Not having a website can cost you clients who were already very likely to hire you. At this point you might be doing the calculation in your head – if I lost even one client per year because they could not find me online, how much does that cost me in the long run? At the very least, when it comes to having an online presence, you need a website because people will look you up.

Law firms used to be able to advertise in the Yellow Pages to get new business. Potential clients who needed a lawyer could flip to the Lawyer section of the directory and call whichever firm had the largest and most impressive advertisement. Today, the Internet has replaced this directory. Clients are increasingly finding lawyers online. This is coming at the expense of referrals, which are dropping in particular among young people.
To get new business from the internet, a good website is a must. There are a few must-have things for law firm websites. The first must-have is a modern design and clear layout. First impression is the key. Potential clients evaluate the trustworthiness and quality of a website in the first few seconds they visit. Clients also judge the quality of your services based on their experience when browsing your. If your law firm website looks modern, sleek, and expensive, clients will assume a greater quality of your services. If your law firm website looks cheap, they will assume you do not have money to spend on your web presence.

When it comes to your site design, a responsive website which can work smoothly with all the devices is critical. If someone gets your business card at an event or from a colleague, the potential client will probably look you up immediately from their mobile phone. If your site is not mobile-responsive, the site will be difficult to navigate and read. The potential client may get frustrated and not investigate further. A responsive sites are designed to automatically fit within the width of any screen on which they are displayed. Whether it is a tablet, laptop, desktop, or phone, a mobile-responsive site will be easily readable.

Other than a good website design, to have a good SEO strategies and allows potential clients easily to find you is also important. Google and other search engines would point out most relevant search results to online searchers. In order to have a relevant site, you will need to invest in a quality site with best-practices for search engine optimization (SEO) and a sound search engine marketing strategy. Because many lawyers have realized that they can get new clients from the internet, the internet is a competitive battleground. Your search marketing strategy will need to stand out from the other law firms who currently dominate the top of Google’s rankings to get found by clients.

Your online website can also become as a productivity tool. For example, your website can feature with online intake forms, with this function, it can save your time from having to do lengthy phone intakes, transcribe paper intakes, or go back-and-forth with a client. Instead, the information is already stored digitally so the lawyer can use the information as they please. With the information gathered from a website intake form, you could generate form documents like retainer agreements, bankruptcy, estate planning, or litigation documents.

Beyond doing online intakes, another modern law firm website feature is the ability to collect payments from clients. If your firm uses LawPay, you can place a LawPay payment button on your website to allow clients to replenish their accounts and pay their bills. The convenience of being able to pay through your firm’s website can reduce the amount of time it takes a client to pay you and increase the likelihood you get paid for your services.

Another law firm website feature is the online client portal. A common feature of web-based practice management platforms are their client portals. They allow law firms to communicate and share documents with clients in a secure manner. By featuring a client portal login on your firm’s website, your website becomes a destination for clients.
All in all, these productivity tools can save you time and boost client satisfaction by making their lives easier as well. For most people, hiring lawyers is the result of a very stressful event. If someone has been injured, is destitute, seeking a divorce, or looking to buy a home, they are looking for a lawyer to help them through this. With these tools can streamline your practice and make clients’ lives easier is a win-win.

To run a modern law practice, having a good website is a necessity. A good website will validate you to potential clients referred to you by others. It will help you attract new clients who have never heard of your firm before. Other than that, your website can also help make your life and your clients lives’ easier with productivity features and integrations. Running a practice today without a website is a hindrance. If your firm’s website was built more than a few years ago and does not do much to help you and your clients, or if it does not have any features that can make your practice run smoother today, then it is the time for an upgrade now.

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